When you have iftar today continue to watch your serving size, but make sure to add one fresh vegetable to your meal. Whether it’s a few slices of cucumber or tomato, or even some green pepper, choose a vegetable that you can eat without cooking it. When you eat something raw and fresh you get the best benefit from the nutrients.

Try to set aside 5 minutes after iftar and before you go to sleep, to do the following:

10 jumping jacks

10 situps

10 pushups 

For suhoor (breakfast) once again try to eat at least one piece of fresh fruit followed by a few glasses of water. Eat whatever it is that makes you feel energized, but try to cut back on extra sugary things like cookies and cakes (sweets are our major weakness). Too much sugar can cause you to feel really energized followed by a crash a few hours later and intense cravings.

After suhoor do the following:

10 jumping jacks

10 situps

10 pushups

Have fun and enjoy your day!

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