Ramadan Mubarak to you all (which means Blessed and Happy Ramadan).

If you’ve watched the video podcast, you may be waiting for the Ramadan Challenge.. well, wait no more!

Here is how it’s going to work. Starting today the first day of Ramadan (September 1st) and for 28 days, we’re going to post daily tips to motivate ourselves this month to eat healthier and get back into shape. 

Instead of breaking our fast with fried food and tons of sweets, let’s try to incorporate some sensible foods. That way we can still have our cake and eat it too! A healthy body will bring about a healthy mind. And when you feel better those around you will too.

This is not a “diet” as we’re not doctors. But this is just some food for thought (no pun intended hehe).

Tune into the video podcast which will air EVERY Friday during the month of Ramadan. And we’ll update you on our progress. We hope you’ll keep us posted as well. Feel free to comment on your progress and share tips on how you’re keeping motivated.


When you have iftar (break your fast) today watch your serving size. We’re not going to make it too hard. So just eat everything you normally do, but instead of loading up, try to have only one serving. No seconds today. Really enjoy your food. Take your time to eat it and think of all the blessings in you life. Reflect on how lucky you are to be able to have this wonderful meal. Drink as much water as you can so that you can make sure you’re hydrated. And again, take your time. When you eat slowly you’ll feel more fulfilled.

Try to set aside 5 minutes after iftar and before you go to sleep, to do the following:

10 jumping jacks

10 situps

10 pushups 

For suhur (breakfast) try to eat at least one piece of fresh fruit followed by a few glasses of water. Eating fruit first is the best way to absorb the nutrients found in it. Then you can move on to something more substantial. Try to stay away from foods that will keep you thirsty throughout the day. That means cut back on salt and stay away from MSG. 

Good luck everyone! We can’t wait to get started!

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