Check out the segment called “Hijab A La Mode”

Wait for the video to load and then scroll towards the END to watch the hijab segment, it’s the last thing on the newscast (about 24:08 in the timeline).

What are your thoughts?

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  1. Mariam Sobh

    LOL Jana..
    But you know what they say great minds thing alike 🙂

  2. Jana

    No way, girl! I’ve got a post about hijab in Lebanon coming up (can’t believe I haven’t done it earlier), and I’ve included this clip, so I won’t post my extensive thoughts here.

    Btw Celeritas, the shop owner mentioned a ‘body’ which is what we call long-sleeved tops!

  3. Mariam Sobh

    I’m glad you guys enjoyed the clip. It’s always great to get a dicussion going 🙂

    Re: Aminah
    I too have heard similar comments, but a friend once told me that she’s known girls like the one’s in the vidoe and some of them have an inner struggle each day with putting on that hijab. Maybe they really don’t want to do it and the only way they can feel good about it, is by the way they dress, even if it means it’s not up to code so to speak.

    Re: Celeritas
    The clip was slightly annoying. I don’t even know if the presenter was Muslim, so why did she feel like she had to put on the hijab? Maybe out of respect to the religious leader she interviewed? Strange indeed.

  4. Celeritas

    I found the hijab clip really annoying for one thing the presenter and a woman commenting on the “unacceptable fashion” were unveiled and wearing short sleeves or short skirt! I thought some of the looks were very cut although I’d tend to wear a skirt, longer tunic with wide leg trousers or loose tee under a short sleeve garment rather than a bodysuit. I thought the sister near the end wearing a really pretty hijab had it right – its ok for women to start veling in this way as long as they follow the rulings in the end. I don’t think this means abaya, jilbab, chador, burqa – loose shirts/tunics with skirts and loose trousers can approximate these without looking so traditioinal. The female companions of the Prophet (may Allah be pleased with them) wore lots of different colors and their traditional dress. People should be free to wear what they want, Allah swt is the only judge and judges fairly.

  5. Celeritas

    I really appreciate the link to Mosaic TV though, its great to see translated Arabic TV that isn’t ‘Palestinian Media Watch’ or MEMRI. I’m watching Mosaic TV now, thanks for the link!

  6. Aminah

    I am glad that someone addressed this phenomenon. Clothing can still be fashionable and not skin tight, which is against sharia. It looks weird to see a young lady wearing hijab on her head and then tight clothes. Even non-Muslims have noted the inconsistency to me.

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