Hijabtrendz On-Air Episode 5 Hijabtrendz On-Air Episode 5| Hijab style, fashion, trends and entertainment.
Aug 082008

It’s Friday, and that means it’s time for another podcast episode.


See you all back here on Monday!

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  1. Nice one Mariam :D I actually had a chance to meet Nazmeen and Altaf at the IslamExpo last month, very nice people :) And if anyone’s undecided about ordering, the current range of summer abayas is done in absolutely beautiful fabrics – so lightweight and airy, particularly the Hidden Pearls abaya.

  2. Thanks for the tip Jana! :) It’s as if you read my mind because I can’t decide which style to get hehe.

  3. Since the start of your podcast Mariam, i have a new tradition, make breakfast listening to your podcast, love every minute of it.:) to tell you the truth, i sometimes listed to it couple of times. :)

  4. You were great, as always, though personally I think the interview was a little too long. You are doing a great job, though.

  5. This was awesomeeee! I REALLY enjoyed it:)

  6. [...] here to listen to the interview we did with them a few months ago (right around the 6:20 [...]

  7. [...] learn more about the company listen here to an interview we conducted with them. It starts right around the 6:20 [...]

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