Jul 292008

A few of our faves that have just come out from various mail-order/online retailers.

The classic look for fall blouses include lots of soft cotton and light colors (or if you plan to dress it up then opt for silk and richer jewel tone colors). A few other details you’ll continue to see for fall 2008 include pleats, ruffles, and tie-neck tops.

Galerie Shirt $86.00 at Soft Surroundings

Spring Crush Tunic $69.00 at Norm Thompson

Pintucked dobby shirt $48.00 at Gap

Halogen Belted Blouse $49.90 at Nordstrom

Note: You can get most of these outfits online/by phone or snail mail, but if you are outside the U.S. and are unable to order these items, just use them as inspiration when you’re out shopping. Print the pictures and take them with you so you can find something similar.

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  1. I really like the Soft Sorrounds one.

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