Jul 112008

It’s finally here, the big debut!

We’re launching our weekly podcast Hijabtrendz on-air today. Check back every Friday for a new episode. Let us know what you think by dropping us a comment on the blog or emailing us: info at hijabtrendz dot com.

You can listen by clicking the play button, or you can download it to your computer/mp3 player by right¬†clicking on the link that says “download” and then highlighting “save target as” to whatever location you want.

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  6 Responses to “Official Launch: Hijabtrendz On-Air Episode 1”

  1. I love Mariams Voice, it’s perfect for radio!

    Thanks for all the tips, all very beneficial =)

  2. You have a perfect radio voice! And the show was very interesting as well!

  3. Awesome radio voice Mariam! u r inspirational mashallah-how do u keep motivated?!

  4. aww thanks!
    The key to keeping motivated is loving what you do :)

  5. CoooooL Great Tips,,, Are Pashmina’s Ok?

  6. You are my inspiration.If you have a group or community, please add me to it. I don think i would miss this for my favorite dish. Greetings all the way from Ghana!!!!!!!

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