Jun 262008

Skin can get rough in the summer if you’re not careful. The heat and sun are a welcome relief from the cold winter, but they bring along with them dryness. Even if the weather around you is slightly humid, it’s a safe bet that unless you’re moisturizing your skin is not as soft as it could be.

Here are a few tips for keeping yourself looking top notch:

Always use an exfoliating scrub in the shower, whether it’s store bought or homemade. To make it at home just add a handful of salt or sugar to your body wash, shampoo or conditioner and scrub away.

If you’re not keen on that, then use exfoliating gloves, a loofah or a buff puff.

Layer on that baby oil when you get out of the shower and don’t forget those feet!

A great way to keep that moisture locked in is to immediately put on some thick socks.

Bonus: To keep your summer glow without hitting the rays, use a gradual self-tanner lotion. You’ll keep your skin soft and smooth and get that radiant “I just went on a beach vacation” look.

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  1. Self tanner sounds good…..is that not going to make me look darker?

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