Finding The Perfect Skirt Suit Part II

Metrostyle has several variations of a long skirt suit that we absolutely love. The best part is that these are extremely affordable.┬áNext time you hit that board meeting, you can walk in to the room with confidence and style. And since we’re in the mood for a cheap yet polished outfit, we picked out matching shoes from Target.

Remember when you’re at work, making a statement can be a good thing when it comes to your wardrobe.

Be bold and don’t hold back!


Suits from (L-R): Trumpet skirt suit from $39.99, Georgette skirt suit $59.99, Cutaway skirt suit $59.99

Shoes from (L-R): Isaac Mizrahi $20.99, Mossimo $17.49, Dulce patent peep toe $17.49

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