Customize Your Clothing Part One

This week on HijabTrendz we’ll be writing about different places you can get your clothing customized to fit your style. If you don’t have access to a tailor give these places a try and you might be surprised with what you can come up with!

Our first clothing store is eShakti.

This place has a whole range of scarves, pants, tops, dresses and skirts that can be dressy or casual depending on how you wear them. But most importantly their clothing is comfortable and made of great quality cotton.

Check these outfits out for inspiration:

Pleated front bib top $29.95

Vibrant print chiffon scarf $9.95

Stretch cotton pants $29.95

Tip: According to eShakti’s website you can change any outfit to suit your needs. If you want the skirt longer, the sleeves shorter etc. just let them know. Now that’s hijabalicious!

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