Steve and Barry’s

A store that might go completely unnoticed in one city may be the hippest place in another part of the country.

We introduce you to the retail store that is Steve and Barry’s.

The phenomena of this store is lost on some people. They may notice the sign in front of the huge warehouse of a building, but still not be able to figure it out.

If you thought Walmart was cheap then check this place out!

Currently they are running a promotion where every single item in the store is under $8.98. Call it crazy, wild, or too good to be true, but go visit this place and see for yourself.

There are clothing lines designed by Sarah Jessica Parker, Venus Williams and Amanda Bynes. The only catch is that there is no online ordering available and you have to really jump on the item because each store only carries a limited quantity.

A few phrases that Sarah Jessica Parker uses on her t-shirts pretty much sum up the essence of the place, “Fashion is not a luxury” and “Your clothes shouldn’t cost more than your groceries.”

‘Nuff said.

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