Hijab Fashion Trend Alert: Kuwait


To get this look you’ll need an underscarf/cap and a lightweight sheila, preferably silk chiffon because it’s easy to play with.

According to Fabrics.net lightweight chiffon is “A sheer, flat-crepe textured silk with a dull, soft finish. Often seen in overlays for evening gowns. Excellent for shawls or scarves where a floaty look is desired.”

Match your hijab fashion by wearing the same color underscarf and sheila. Or wear different colors for your underscarf and sheila, but make sure one of them goes with something you’re wearing.

The point of this style is to drape it loosely so it looks soft and elegant. Don’t get too caught up in trying to make it sit perfectly.

Sheila’s with sequined borders add a nice dramatic flair to the look and can dress up any outfit in an instant.

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  1. sal

    the purpose of Hijab is to cover muslim good looks away from men (other than her husband and so on).
    What are you doing is completely the opposite, you are using it for style and to attract men with fancy shmancy colorts, designer stamped shayla ?? you are also wearing makeup and perfume and many wear high-heals and tight clothing.
    what is left to see ?
    Please try to understand Islam and the Sonnah. I do this everyday. I repent and hope that he leads me to Jenna. I hope Also that he brings true Islam after we muslims lost our way and do not know Islam except for reading quran. We do not apply it because we do not undertand it because we do not want to. We are too busy with this shallow selfish life. May Allah get me and you out of these foolish acts and shame. Instead of Hijab to cover we now use to bring out our bodies for strangers to see. Yet we still call it hijab. Please understand the purpose of Hijab and please tell others.
    Salam Aloukem

  2. TheBeautifullones

    If your looking for the best and most unique HIJAB store in Kuwait go to http://www.alhijab-kuwait.com its by a korean designer who studied in New York Parsons School of Fashion Design ( graduates of Tom Ford, Anna Sui, Donna Karen and etc )…..this shop is the underground hijab shop in Kuwait and only a few know about it…only the lucky ones i guess.

  3. Muhajabah

    I love this style! Does anyone know of an online shop that sells sheilas like the ones in the pictures? Everyone always buys them from Kuwait etc, but I’m not getting there anytime soon. I actually know who the girl is in the photos, but it would be too random for me to email her —- so if anyone knows where to find hijabs like these that would be great!

  4. MC Rubia

    This is the only way I wear hijab, but I am baised since my husband is Kuwaiti. I love this style! The more modest way to wear this style is to wear a one piece (kinda like the amira). These cover the neck and ears. This is what I do because I am very picky about not showing skin 😉 Viva Q8!

  5. yasmin

    dear ameena…… you can wear a very light-weight amira so that your face is more covered (if you are concern about that) and then wear the shayla like these kuwaitis over it 😉 just a thought

  6. Ummkulthum

    Itssss soo easy-
    if you do as this tutorial shows you- you’ll realise ho simple it is.
    Uour neck/ or the side of your face won’t even show.
    The video is 10 minutes long- but just listen ot the first 5 minutes
    and it shows you how to pin the scarf together:


    Hope it helps 😉

  7. Leana

    I love this style it is light and fresh. Very feminine. Thanks for all the new looks.

  8. OctStraw

    This way of wearing hijab is my fave cuz it is very feminine. You need somtimes to get used to it, but always easy to adapt if you really like it.

  9. hannah

    I love this look but I can never get it to look right!! Frustrating! :p

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  12. Mariam Sobh

    It’s a tricky style and will take some improvising to perfect it.

  13. ammena

    my only problem with this is that the way i see girls wear it here you can sometimes see their ears.. or at least a part of their face you wouldnt normally see wearing a skin tight hijab. Allahu alim

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