Did You Fail Geometry?

Reminiscent of the 60’s and 70’s the geo print is colorful and full of shapes. Some people also refer to it as “retro”.  You can wear this look toned down with a few geometric shapes here and there, or be more daring by wearing something with the pattern displayed all over it.


From (L-R): Bubble top Forever 21, 100% silk scarf Banana Republic, Square neck top Ann Taylor LOFT

*Wear the scarf as part of a two-piece Al-Amirah style hijab or let it peek out underneath your regular hijab.

For the plus size hijabi:


From (L-R): Cotton tunic from Lane Bryant, Polyester top from Maximum Woman

For the preggy hijabi:


From (L-R) Draw string neckline blouse Motherhood Maternity , Tie back blouse Mimi Maternity


  • If you wear a long sleeve tee/tank top under any of the tops make sure it corresponds to one of the colors in the pattern.
  • Layering a shirt underneath can sometimes get too bulky so wear a blazer or light cardigan on top and drap your hijab to cover the neckline.

More print trends continue tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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