Glamorize Your (Covered Up) Neckline

Hijabi’s can rock necklaces just like everyone else, even though their neck’s are covered.

Trendy long necklaces are a great way to achieve an all over polished look. Wear a fancy beaded necklace for work or a formal event, and a laid back chunky necklace for school or hanging out.

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If you plan to wear a necklace here are a few tips:

  • Make sure your hijab isn’t too loud or patterned or you will look cluttered.
  • Tuck in your hijab. You can wear Al-Amirah style or the triangle. If you can pull off a wrap scarf and tuck it in, go for it but it might be too bulky.
  • Don’t wear too many necklaces. Stick with┬áthree strands at most.

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