Modern Muslim Women: Very Basic Makeup

If you don’t like to mess with foundation or other colors and just want to look neat and well-groomed.

Then here are a few easy steps to follow:

  1. Wash your face and moisturize. If your skin is dry this is important
  2. Tame your brows with clear mascara. Use the same mascara for your lashes.
  3. Use a clear gloss or one with a hint of color for your lips.

Now, you’re ready to go out into the world looking fresh and awake. I can guarantee people will treat you better than if you just rolled out of bed and ran out the door.

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  1. yasmin

    I agree with you! Though I don’t use clear mascara on eyebrows….. These days I just put olive oil on them and lashes. For lips, I use Nivea lip balm… That’s all I need! 🙂

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