I like to wear black and white a lot these days. Maybe it’s because the weather is pretty chilly for what is considered “summer” here in Chicago.

Now I must note, that I usually wear my heels once I get to work. But I was out and about walking and picking up my kids from summer camp, so I slipped into my comfy Birkenstocks.

As a shorty, I own it. I know I’m not tall by any means, and of course photo angles can make me look even stumpier lol.

However, it’s all about comfort in my world of public transportation and getting up at 3:30am for work.

It actually warmed up nicelyesterday, but for some reason, I love to always have a jacket around.

This army green one is my latest obsession and I take it with me everywhere.

photo (9)

photo (7)

photo (16)

Army jacket: Old Navy

Hijab: from my own personal stock of jersey hijabs (you can buy them here)

Long sleeve tshirt Target

Sleeveless black top (hard to tell in photo cause it blends so well) Kenneth Cole

Pants: JC Penny

Shoes: Birkenstock Giza model (at least 2 years old)

Purse: Calvin Klein

Nailpolish (in case you noticed the red toes): Inglot



This has been a busy news week for Muslim women.

One of the biggest accomplishments was seeing hijabis get featured in The New York Times!

First there was a piece that highlighted girls on Instagram

And then a more in-depth article here about a few Muslim women who’ve been out on the hijab fashion scene for a few years now.

Naballah a blogger from Trinidad

Naballah Chi (pictured above), a hijab fashion blogger from Trinidad, talks about an experience taking off her hijab and then putting it back on.

John Lewis designs hijabs for girls to wear at school.

Do you have any other news you came across? Feel free to share it in the comments below!



ask me anything

It may seem that I’m always saying how I’m going to do a video, and then it inevitably gets postponed… well no more of that.

The video is below!

Aug 112014

That’s something most people agree on.

Well, I guess unless you’re really stingy and never want to let your money go.

But, what I’ve noticed is that, sometimes I’m a little too carefree with our finances.

It’s easy to get comfortable and go out to eat several times a week, or order delivery because my husband or myself didn’t have time to make dinner.

But, it all adds up over time.

There is nothing wrong with having fun and going out, and I’m all for that. Lately though, I’ve thought I better buckle down and make sure I’m not only saving, but putting money away for my girls to go to college someday.

Here is how I’ve decided to get a start on being more diligent.

First and foremost, I’m giving myself a goal of about 3 weeks beginning¬†today, to only eat food that I’ve brought from home.

No running to the vending machine, no quick snack from the food court down below my workplace.

For example today… I brought my own instant decaf coffee, added some water and ice to it.

And presto!

I saved myself $5 off of an iced coffee from the local Starbucks.


This discipline is also something I want to use to incorporate myself back into a healthier lifestyle.

Too often I get stuck in the eating and sitting all day routine and it becomes a vicious cycle.

Now, the benefit of trying to save money by not eating out as much, is going to be that I don’t pile on all those extra calories!

Are you up for the challenge? Just dedicate a 3 week time period and give it a whirl!

I’ll give you an update halfway through and let you know how I’m doing and if I survived!

Aug 042014

This past Saturday I attended an all girls party and it was fabulous!

I realized too late that I didn’t take any pictures, but that’s probably because we weren’t wearing our hijab and I didn’t want to put anyone into a panic.

But, if I had remembered I would have taken pictures of the setup and the items for the silent auction.

The evening was put together by Dr. Sua’d Abdul Khabeer.

The way it was organized, was that attendees paid $10 at the door.

There was food, music, dancing and just an all together wonderful evening of sisterhood.

During the event people could go and bid on items including a piece of artwork from Nadia J and a cake by famed pastry chef Malika who runs Desserts by M.

Below is the piece of art I won in the auction. It’s called “She found herself inside a whisper” by Nadia J.

Nadia J art

I love the idea of having an event that also benefits others.

The full proceeds from the evening went to Sisters Nurturing Sisters.

An organization that helps women who are homeless or at the risk of becoming homeless.

It was a great evening, I met lots of new girls, and I have to admit it was nice to get my hair done and let loose.

Let me just say I got quite a workout!

Did you have any all girls Eid parties? 

NOTE: Once I can figure out what the heck is going on with my hyperlinks, I’ll link to all these folks and their websites so you can learn more about them!

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