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Apr 222014

Mariam Sobh Hijab Fashion and Hijab Style Blog

There are times when I’m in a bad mood and everything seems to annoy me.

If I log on to social media and see people living fairy tale lives, and I get even angrier inside.

It’s all subconscious, but I notice I get affected when I start feeling like I’m ugly or don’t have nice things, etc. And when I get into that thought pattern, I realize something else is bothering me that has nothing to do with anyone else.

Why is that? Because whatever I’m going through internally is being projected on others.

I’ve always heard about the correlation between people who become jealous of others due to their own personal insecurities, and I think there is some truth to that.

We can pick apart someone we don’t know or in some cases maybe someone we do know, because it’s easy. You basically find all the negative things about them and you feel better about yourself.

Everyone does this at some point, and if you’ve never done that, you must not be human! lol

For example, when watching TV we pick apart celebrities, “Did she get a nose job?” “Oh wow someone needs to lose weight.”

And I think it works in making us feel better, because then we don’t have to face our own problems.

If you hear someone who is not able to sing well, it may make you feel better to point that out. Particularly if you want to be a singer and lack the confidence and  you see someone who is horrible, but is able to stand up and perform.

These are just a few examples. But I’m sure if you’re online you see plenty of “trolls” who’s main goal in life seems to be to provoke others and cause drama.

There is a lot of this kind of judgement in religious communities where people feel the need to police others and their lack of religiosity.

And it’s something I call “Superior Muslim Syndrome”.

It used to be hidden, but now with the internet, we see it loud and clear.

What surprises me is that people are not shy about sharing their hatred or their “I’m more Muslim than you” posts.

They fight, they throw in religious texts and quote often they are a walking contradiction.

haters gonna hate

It’s a topic that I can talk about endlessly, but then I find myself sinking to their level and getting way too upset.

People accuse me of not being Muslim enough on a daily basis, and all I can do is let them vent, because after all, I’m happy in my life and they must be pretty darn miserable.

And the more you point out other people’s issues, the more unhappy you become with your own life. So these folks are in for a vicious cycle of unhappiness.

My advice is not to get caught up in looking at other people and what they have that you don’t. And certainly not to look at what they don’t have in order to feel superior.

Just be confident in yourself and your life and don’t get caught up in the stupidity that is so prevalent these days.

When we refuse to be part of these horrible comments and conversations and ignore those who feel the need to be so angry with the world, they may not exactly go away, but we will definitely reduce the power their words hold over us.



Everyone is getting happy… and now it’s Chicago’s turn.

We have a feeling this videos are going to keep getting made and going viral.


What are your thoughts?


Apr 162014

This video is probably going to go viral and we thought we’d share it with you before you miss out!

Goats and more

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Apr 152014

Mariam Sobh Hijab Fashion and Hijab Style Blog


For the last few years I’ve had a work schedule that usually encompassed working weekends. Because of that I was never able to travel that often to see my family and I really started to feel the effect after my oldest started school last year.

It’s hard to have a family life that is consistent when they barely see me during the week, and then they are in school on my days off.

Thankfully, things have switched and now I have a Mon-Fri work week.

There are positives and negatives to this new schedule. I used to be able to make doctors appointments and run errands on Thursday and Friday, but now I’m on the air. However, in all honesty, that’s not really a big deal.

What I love about my new schedule, is being able to spend two full days on the weekend to hang out with my kids, and visit my parents and brothers.

This weekend was the first time we went to Urbana (it’s about 2.5 hours from Chicago) since Thanksgiving break last November. So it really has been quite awhile.

We decided to indulge my mom in her obsession with a local farm that is all about goats. OK well maybe she isn’t obsessed, but she always wants to go, and I suppose no one else wants to because they’re still in college and have lots of homework. I don’t miss those days at all!

The farm is a beautiful place where you feel that you are away from all the noise of the town, even though it’s not that far removed. They raise goats for their milk and they also make tons of variations of goat cheese. In addition they make soap with the goats milk.
photo (1)

They also have some crops I believe, but I’m not sure what exactly.

My kids ordered delicious pancakes and goat milk hot chocolate.

I was impressed at how clean the place was, despite the fact that animals are just around the corner.

I came here once before a few years ago, and it was a lot smaller. Now it’s so popular that they have an actual indoor dining room.

If you’re ever in the area, you should pay them a visit, particularly when they have their Saturday morning breakfast.

And if you can’t make it out there, I believe they sell some of their products in Illinois and possibly the Midwest, I know I’ve seen the cheese at some gourmet shops in Chicago.

You can find out more about Prairie Fruits Farm here.


We recently put out a question on our Facebook page and asked readers what they used to make homemade facials.

Here are some of their tips:

Oatmeal and honey

Honey and sugar

Lemon and honey

liquid gold honey

Yes, that sweet liquid gold appears to be a popular ingredient!

Here is a great recipe that Arige shared:

  • 1 teaspoon yogurt
  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • 1 teaspoon crushed oatmeal

    Sometimes I will add a few drops of almond oil to it Combine all the ingredients above and mix well in a small mixing bowl. Apply a thick coat to your face with clean finger tips. Let it settle for 15 minutes. When the time is up, gently rinse your face with warm water and ensure the entire mask comes off.

This sounds like a great recipe to try! What do you use?

**Bonus tip: You can use coconut oil or olive oil to remove makeup and dirt. Just make sure to use a warm damp towel to remove the oil so it doesn’t clog your skin!

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