Quick and easy waffle pumpkin seed breakfast

I have a hard time coming up with breakfast combinations that are healthy and filling. My family tends to get sick of the same old stuff... cereal, eggs, etc. So, here is a twist on the the generic waffle idea. I topped them with peanut butter, raw pepitas (pumpkin seeds),…

I am what I eat

Yep we've all heard that saying "you are what you eat" and it's quite embarrassing when I think of my eating habits at times. There are those days when the stress is too much and I look for something anything junk food related to help calm me down. I know…

My lips are purple and I’m not cold

I love seeing new trends in makeup, but I'm just not one to sit and take the time to go all out. The endless steps and the copious amounts of foundations and powders and contouring creams make my head spin. Maybe if I'm going to an all girls party I'll…

Frying in a new kind of oil

I'm all about trying new things and healthier alternatives. Although, when you fry stuff, it's really not going to be all that "healthy" lol. I've been at my parents house the last few days sinceĀ Eid and was making them dinner last night and decided to make my all time favorite…
Interview with CCTV America on Hijab fashion
hijab fashion

Hijabtrendz on Chinese television!

I was recently interviewed by CCTV America, a television network based in China, that also has a global channel in English. Roza Kazan and IĀ talked all about the Muslim consumer market and Hijab fashion. This was actually shot right before Ramadan, and I almost forgot about it until I was…