May 262015

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If you eat meat, you probably have heard about how grass fed is better, not only for the cow, but the person consuming it. I’ve tried my best when buying meat, to make sure it’s organic and grass fed. Otherwise you never know what they’re putting in the feed.

I’ve gone through phases of being very picky about what I eat. I tried going vegan after my first daughter was born, because I felt like anytime I had dairy products and I nursed her, she would get really bad stomach aches and break out in a rash.

Then there was the time I was vegetarian, because I read a book about the horrific things they do to animals.

But, over time, I’ve found that balance and moderation suit me the best.

I’ll have chicken, beef or seafood here and there, but not every single night.

I’ll eat dairy, but won’t eat it with every meal.

Now the interesting thing I’ve been trying lately, is to get rid of the brainwashing I’ve endured over the years from the food industry.

The whole craze of “fat free” and “sugar free” was something I was into when I was in college. What I didn’t realize, is that fat free means they replace the fat with added sugars. And sugar free…well studies are now coming out that artificial sweeteners change your gut bacteria and can even contribute to belly fat (my diet coke obsession must be why I still look pregnant).

So I decided to just go back to basics. And eat things in the normal natural state they come in.

And with that, comes the kind of milk I drink. I’ve been getting organic grass fed cow’s milk that is pasteurized at an extremely low level. And I’ve switched to whole milk.

Anyone who knows me, probably realizes I have always been a fan of skim milk. People would tell me “eww gross it’s like water” and I’d say “yes, that’s what I love about it, I can drink like 3 glasses when I’m thirsty!”.

Once I started the whole milk, I noticed a huge difference. I am satisfied after just one small glass. And I use it mostly for my coffee and occasionally I’ll drink it plain with some cookies on hand hehe.

This is one of my favorite brands, Trader’s Point Creamery



Another brand I’ve tried that’s also delicious is Kalona SuperNatural


This kind of milk is a bit pricier, but I’m telling you a little goes a long way. We’re no longer chugging milk down like water, and it satiates that need for something fulfilling.

And that is kind of the way I go now when it comes to anything I’m going to eat. It’s best to get it as is, and not make a zillion modifications to it. Just eat the burger and enjoy it. You’ll feel full I promise. When you get too caught up in the “diet” food industry, you’ll notice you’re doing more snacking on empty calories that do nothing for your energy.

Of course if I’m going to eat out at a restaurant, that’s a different story.

They have so many hidden ingredients, it’s probably best to just stick with a salad and tell them to put the dressing on the side. lol.

Are you a fan of eating regular foods with full fat?

May 252015

I’m not one to be that obsessed with expensive handbags. But I do like to check them out from time to time. It’s just so hard for me to drop a huge sum of money. Maybe one day I’ll bite the bullet and get myself the Chanel caviar flap bag.



As I dream about the nearly $5,000 Chanel bag, I’ll tell you about a brand that is cute, affordable and fashionable…and that would be Calvin Klein.

I know it’s not something fancy schmancy, and I know that people who take fashion too seriously may consider it at the level of a Target bag (what’s wrong with those? lol). But, what matters is that I happen to like them. And I’ve actually surpassingly received many compliments from random people who admire the handbag. I don’t need validation that it’s a great bag, but the compliments certainly don’t hurt!

I always choose the bags that are real leather, because I know they will last. I’ve had some pleather bags in my past, and they just don’t hold up and fall apart way too quickly.

This past weekend I was on a  trip to the outlet mall, and I had some great coupons, plus it was Memorial Day weekend sales, so I got some great deals.

This is what I ended up getting:

calvin klein purses

The two purses I owned before these are black so I thought it would be nice to add some other colors to the mix. I’m pretty sure this will do it for a long time. I don’t need a zillion handbags, but it’s nice to have variety, because one color gets old fast.

That pic was taken with snapchat.. which remind me.. if you use the app, add hijabtrendz :)

Aside from these purses, what I really need is a backpack.

I finally threw mine out that was all torn up and literally 10 years old.

I have no clue what to look for, but will save that for another post!

What’s your favorite handbag brand? 

May 242015

First of all, thank you to everyone who participated!

It is definitely hard to stay motivated in changing toward healthier habits, and it’s also hard to add one more thing to the plate… coming back here every week to comment and update us all.

So thank you for putting in the time and effort and coming back each time.

As I mentioned earlier, the competition would give points to those who commented the most often and the person with the most points is the winner.

After tallying up the results, there is a tie for first place…

Nijma and Nazifa!

They will each be receiving a bundle of items including stuff from LaVanilla, xylitol chewing gum, and the nadoona DVD as well as a jersey hijab from Hijabtrendz!

Congratulations ladies :)

And our runners up…

Fatima, Alia, and Zainab.

If all of you could please email me your information to info at hijabtrendz dot com with the subject “fitness challenge”, I would like to send something to each of you just for participating.

Thank you again ladies, and let’s do this again at a future date hopefully hehe.

May 212015

hijabtrendz review

I’m in love with this  new place in downtown Chicago called Lyfe Kitchen.

They have locations in other parts of the city, and I think in other states.

I think their ideas are unique and their take on fresh food is excellent.

Here is a sample of the vegan oatmeal I ordered this morning and a kale banana smoothie.

healthy food

I drizzled some organic pure maple syrup on top. Yum!

life kitchen chicago

I think my eyes were bigger than my stomach, will probably have to take the smoothie to go.

It’s got just the right kick of ginger in it.

Lyfe kitchen chicago

I try to find “healthier” options if I’m going to go out to eat. Although healthier definitely means a bigger hit to the wallet. But, in the long run it’s worth it to put better ingredients into our bodies.

Have you ever tried this place? Do you have anything similar in your area?

P.S. do you see my reflection in the spoon? LOL

May 202015

Ramadan in the summer.

It has been done before and it will happen again this year!

For some reason, so many articles seem to be coming out now with “what to eat to keep your energy up” and “special foods to keep you hydrated”.

We get it…people want to write articles that go viral. But, since when were all these things such a concern?

We’ve always seen Ramadan as a great challenge to accomplish. We overcome our emotions, and our physical desires for food.. and instead focus on the inner self and more spiritual pursuits. It’s definitely important to make sure we’re healthy as well, and when you follow the basic guidelines of fasting, you should be in good shape. If you have any sort of medical condition, always talk to a doctor first!

Of course food does come in to play. But we don’t think it should be the main focus and obsession.

That’s why we’re all about doing things easy and simple. We hope to bring some easy to make recipes during Ramadan that can help you get by at the last minute.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the “feasting” and forget about the “fasting”. That’s why so many people ironically gain weight in Ramadan.

There is a lot of fun to be had when celebrating with friends and family and eating iftar (the meal at sunset), and we love that aspect.

We’re going to try to keep it simple and not go too crazy with the dinner buffet spreads.

What are your plans this Ramadan? We’re not sure if it’s going to be easy or tough this year.. but the first few days are always hard right?

May 192015

Mariam Sobh Hijab Fashion and Hijab Style Blog

That seems to be the tabloid headlines these days.

Everyone gets so excited to see something “exotic” happening with a celebrity.

And let’s not even mention how the Muslim community reacts.

There is always an air of disbelief and hope “did you hear Lindsey Lohan converted?”

Now, whether she did or not is besides the question. But, just to keep the facts straight, I believe her publicist has said she isn’t a Muslim and she’s just curious and reading the Quran.

I guess what I find fascinating, is the amount of validation we seem to need in the Muslim community.

Whenever a celebrity says something positive about Islam, wow people go all out and support them and follow them on social media and basically are two steps from worshipping them.

And then, when that celebrity does things that absolutely do not fall in line with Islamic values, people STILL support them.

It’s confusing. But I think it shows how much work is still left when it comes to loving ourselves for who we are and not needing other people to tell us we’re ok and we’re normal and we’re American etc.

It’s hard to understand who we should emulate and be like when you see these scenarios play out over and over. Remember the rumor that Michael Jackson was a Muslim? And I’m sure so many other examples of people. And again, whether they are or not isn’t the issue. That’s their personal life. The issue here is that it takes these kinds of things to give people validation. And that to me is sad.

I’m sure the argument can be made that people don’t need celebrities for validation. And I get that it can give Muslims hope when they see someone with somewhat of a public profile out there supporting Islam.

I don’t have anything against that. I’m just cautious. Because things can change so quickly.

Instead of running behind everyone who “might” be Muslim, maybe we should look for happiness form within.

Have you noticed this trend? Do you think people make a big deal out of celebrities who are interested in Islam?


May 182015

We should probably talk about Ramadan first… but in case you’re already scouting for some outfits for Eid, you probably want to do that sooner than later.

A lot of great hijab fashion companies are overseas and do custom fitting if you send your measurements. They will probably be swamped with last minute orders, so now’s the time to get your hands on some gorgeous items.

If you’re not sure where to begin, check out the hijab directory here, and get started.

We will continue to update it with new brands that are coming up. And if there is anything that no longer works (so many companies come and go it’s hard to keep track) please let us know so we can fix it.

Happy exploring!