Nov 202014

Solange Knowles got married last week, and she did it in style.

If you don’t know who she is, her big sister is the infamous Beyonce.

modest wedding dress solange knowles

Her dress received many compliments, because it was simple and elegant.

I wish they had dresses like that at bridal stores when I was looking for mine!

It’s interesting because this has now sparked the topic of modest fashion again.

This definitely showcases how you can still be glamorous even if you’re not showing too much skin.

Do you think it’s “cool” when celebrities choose to be modest? Why do women of various faiths who dress conservatively get made fun of, while celebrities get a pass?

Nov 192014

If you’re looking for a pant that you can easily layer some long johns underneath, let me recommend these from Gap.

They are easy to tuck into boots. And you can wear them with a long sweater top to look a little stylish even when bundled up.

The crazy part, is that after I started writing this… I found out they are completely sold out, so I can’t even give you a link :(

winter leggings

photo 2

However, I will hopefully be able to share the link once they’re restocked.

I’m thinking I should have bought more than one pair… in case they never bring them back again lol!

What are you favorite go to winter pants?

Nov 172014

If you want to do some hijab fashion shopping and don’t want to wait until you hit the bazaar at one of the many December Islamic conferences, then this event might be of interest:

Modesty Market, a pop up shop taking place in Lodi, New Jersey will be showcasing a variety of chic and modest fashion.

modesty market

The organizers sent us a press release, and it says the event is free and open to the public, but if you wish to participate as a vendor, there is a $150 fee per table.

Some of the brands participating include: Amelena Designs, Amelena Designs, The Sultaness, Guzel, Delicate Hijabi, Urban Modesty, Wrapped Up Diva, Islamic Gems, La Merveille, Elegant Cloth, Styled by Zubaidah, Beaute Cache, Cover me Beautiful, Kotton Love, Karama Co, Ahfif, Al-Mujalbaba, Reem Dream, Zahra Art, and Mary Thompson.

There will be a raffle as well as free professional photos by I Am Shooter and Elegant Cloth.

Modesty Market will be taking place on Sunday November 23rd from 12pm-7pm.

For more information you can contact

Or you can Pre-Register here

Nov 162014

Hijab Coupons & Giveaways

A brand  new US based hijab retailer Perlyn, is giving a special discount to Hijabtrendz readers.

perlyn hijab fashion

They are currently having a sale of 30% off to celebrate their new opening, and you can get an additional 10% off by using the code: EXTRA10HT

The coupon code expires December 31st 2014 so make sure you use it or you’ll lose it!

Nov 132014

Wearing hijab all the time can make you forget about your hair.

At least that’s what happens to me. I put it up in a bun and wrap my scarf around my head and think nothing of it.

But, there are days when I wish I would take better care of my hair.

What if I end up having friends over, I don’t want them to see my tangles and frizz! lol.

I decided to buckle down and do something about it, and finally went to get myself a new flat iron. The one I have is from when I first got married, nearly 10 years ago! wow time flies :)

Once I picked out a flat iron, I asked the sales lady if she knew of any good heat protectant for the hair. That’s when she told me what her personal favorite item to use is….

It’s called “It’s a 10, miracle leave-in product”

hijabi hair care tips

All you have to do is spritz it on your hair wet or dry before styling.

I am in love with this stuff! For the first time in … a long time hehe… my hair is frizz free! It’s soft and luxurious and I even use on the kids when I braid their hair, it helps tame the fly aways.

Added benefit is that it’s also a heat protectant so you can heat your hair and not worry.

As you can see from the photo it comes in a variety of sizes, I bought the biggest one and I’m glad I did because we’ve been using it a lot in our home… even Mr. Hijabtrendz is into it haha!

Have any of you tried this before? What is your favorite hair styling product? Do you even think hijabis should care about their hair lol?