Jun 292015

We happened to come across this dress on Modcloth called “I Do What I Canvas”, and thought it was super cute.

What a great pattern to usher in the brighter warmer days ahead.

You can easily wear a shrug on top, or put on one of these tops from Halftee underneath.

If you’re not going to wear it to a girls party, and don’t want to hijabify it, you’re in luck.

Check out the new Dahlia Maxi Dress in the Watercolor print from Haute hijab!

haute hijab and mod cloth dresses

Which look would you choose? What occasion would you wear it for?

Jun 262015

It’s the second episode of the brand new podcast. If you missed last week’s you can list to it by clicking here.

This episode delves into my oldest daughter’s talent show prep, and life in general with two rambunctious kids.

It’s “reality radio” so what you hear really did happen in the moment it was caught on tape!

Let me know what you think… Episode 3 is next week, so don’t forget to come back for more :)

Jun 242015

If you want something easy to make, let me tell you about my little invention.

I’m sure someone else has done it before, but I decided to make steak and mushrooms in the crockpot one day, instead of on the stove.

crock pot

Let me tell you, it was a life saver!

The meat came out extremely tender and it sure beat standing over a hot stove and hoping not to burn the steak.

Here is what I did

1. Rinse the steak and pat it with some paper towels to dry it.

2. Season it with spices of your choice.

3. Get crock pot ready, spray inside with non stick spray. Then turn it on to the highest setting. (Mine only had Lo and Hi)

4. Place a tiny bit of olive oil in a pan and quickly brown each side of the steak. It literally is about 2 seconds per side.

5. Put the steak in the crock pot (I usually have about 2 or 3 large pieces).

6. Put sliced raw onions on top and then place thick cut mushrooms on top of that.

7. Place more sesasonin of your choice over everything. And if you want you can add 1/4 of broth. But when the mushrooms and meat cook down, you’ll get liquid anyway, so only do this step if you think it looks a little dry.

8. Cook on high for about 2 hours and then turn down to low for about 3 hours. You can always check on it and poke it with a fork and see if the meat falls apart.

Serve it with rice or as I do with some roasted asparagus or broccoli on the side. You can eat it soupy with all the liquid or just pull apart the pieces you want.

SUPER easy and delicious!

Next time I make it I will take some pictures, but it’s one of those things you can make up as you go along. Let me know if you try it out and how you like it :).

Jun 232015

Mariam Sobh Hijab Fashion and Hijab Style Blog

Ramadan is flying by!

Maybe not for everyone, but I’m certainly feeling that way.

I was a little apprehensive that I wasn’t prepared enough, but then I decided to be conscious about getting up for sahoor (pre dawn meal) every day. It definitely makes a difference!

One thing I’ve noticed though about this year, is that so many people are speaking up about a variety of topics related to Ramadan. It seems like my news feed is cluttered with so many click-bait type articles.

*Lonely iftar (breaking the fast) for converts
*Websites touting “top 10 Ramadan meals to keep you hydrated”
*Articles about places that will have Muslims fasting for more than 20 hours a day.
*Special Ramadan only deals
*Articles about how Ramadan is not about feeling what those less fortunate go through.

And on and on it goes.

I think it’s great more people are finding platforms to voice their thoughts and opinions, but at the same time, I feel like it’s becoming more and more noise and less and less substance.

I don’t mind the venting and the awareness to certain issues these articles can bring. But for some reason this year, I feel like I have seen more complaining than gratitude.

And I say this with the best of intentions. This probably comes off as though I’m complaining too now! lol

But really, I think that at least for myself, I want this Ramadan to be about connecting back with my spirituality.

I’m doing my best to read Quran every day. I can’t remember the last time I picked it up and really dedicated myself to reading it. I’m trying to get all my prayers in on time and not to miss any. I used to beat myself up so much if I was late, and then end up missing the entire prayer and forget to make it up. It was a vicious cycle.

Now, I’m focused on not letting other things get in the way of my journey to become closer to God.

Ramadan is a great month to reflect on myself and my goals and where I need to be in my life.

It’s a time to reset our spiritual batteries and get back on track. God is forgiving and merciful and I think we tend to forget that. We end up wrapped in negativity and pointing out everyone’s faults and “why aren’t people nicer to me” or “why didn’t they include me in that event” etc.

I speak from experience here haha!

I was definitely feeling a little down before Ramadan, because it is lonely for me. Before I got married, I went to iftar dinners all the time with friends and family. We had people over and we’d go to their houses. Then I moved to Chicago and it was full of cliques and groups that didn’t think to invite the new couple in town. It was hard too, because a lot of people here have grown up in the area and have tons of extended family. For me, it’s just my husband and I and our two kids.

Not to mention, there is a trend here where people don’t always do personal invites (which in my opinion are more meaningful to connecting with one another and checking in on each other). Instead I remember one year being invited somewhere and thinking “This is nice, we’ll get to know the family better”. When we arrived, I was shocked that there were literally about 150 people there. It was loud and noisy and I couldn’t find a place to sit and almost missed breaking my fast because the line was so long to get dates lol.

But, that is neither here nor there. I’m using the example just to illustrate some of the experiences that have opened my eyes to the fact that I want to make my Ramadan a personal one. I’ve tried to let go of expectations and disappointments this year.

However, I do want to touch on the fact that there are lots of people who feel exceptionally lonely during this time of year. Single people, converts, those who are new to a city. And I urge you to invite them for iftar, don’t let them eat alone. Let them know you care. Believe me it makes a difference. And if you go to a huge group iftar, notice the people sitting alone and go make conversation. There are people who are too shy to reach out and say they are feeling the way they are (myself included hehe).

I pray you have a wonderful Ramadan and I hope that this post was of some benefit! :)

What is your experience like during this month? 

Jun 192015

It’s finally here.. the first episode of our brand new podcast series.

We’re working on getting it up in iTunes, but for now you can enjoy it below via SoundCloud.

A little about the series… well here is the basic summary:

Mariam Sobh is one of the first “visibly Muslim” women to work on-air in mainstream U.S. media.

From founding the first ever lifestyle blog for Muslim women, to becoming the first “hijabi” to graduate from the Second City Training Center’s Conservatory and Music Programs she’s broken barriers she didn’t think existed.

All because of a piece of cloth on her head.

This podcast is a glimpse into her personal life as she struggles to stay afloat in a world that is more judgmental than understanding.

Jun 172015

This Abaya was sent to us by Al-Shams luxury abayas.

We received a navy blue color, and this beige color.

The one that I’m wearing in the picture is called Dhakirah and the color is “creamed butterscotch”.


The hijab was also provided by Al-Shams.

The sizing for the abaya is very generous so you’ll most likely have to alter it if you’re on the shorter side like me (I’m about 5’3).

You can also wear a some heels to offset the length if you prefer.

I love the detailing of the sleeves and the matching belt

The item arrived packed in the most beautiful box and tissue paper.

You can tell the company spends time on putting the items out for delivery.


We did offer our honest feedback that the price point was a little bit high initially.

In response, the designer mentioned they were listening to multiple recommendations that they take the price down a bit.


With that in mind the abaya is now priced at $225 and if you sign up for the email list you can get an extra 20% off and free shipping. AND the bonus? 30% off for you dear readers! Just enter the code: HIJABTRENDZ

So you’re getting a great deal!

To find out more about them, make sure to check out their website by clicking here.

Jun 162015

Mariam Sobh Hijab Fashion and Hijab Style Blog

I know I mentioned I was going to announce something I’ve been working on… well it’s finally coming your way!

I’ve been putting together a podcast and I have a few episodes that will air this Ramadan.

If you are new to this blog, you may not know that I started doing podcasts years ago… you can listen to some old ones here.

But, this time it’s totally different. And I’m excited to share it with you all.

It’s just a way for me to test how it goes and whether you guys want me to produce more.

It will be published online every Friday, starting this week.

I don’t want to explain it too much, because I would rather you experience it and then give me feedback.

The place you can hear it is right here on the website, I will embed the file.

I’ll also do my best to figure out how to get it up and running in the itunes store and other formats.

Can’t wait for you guys to listen!

In other news.. wow Ramadan is nearly here! Seriously?!

I’m not as prepared as I had hoped. I kept thinking it was some time next week. But, as far as preparation, who am I kidding.. am I every prepared?

All you can really do is just go with the flow and soak up the month as best as you can.

Are you ready to fast? Will you be doing anything differently, like not watching TV or going to taraweeh prayers? I feel so depressed when I think about how I haven’t really gone to taraweeh since before I got married.

Once I got married I got sucked into work life and then having kids and time literally flew by and I look back and wonder what happened to that person.

I used to be so involved and so concerned with spirituality, and now I’ve kind of let it go.

I keep thinking “tomorrow” I’ll grab it back and fit it into my life.

I’m praying that Ramadan will give me the boost I need to at least maintain better habits.

How about you? Are you excited? Nervous? Indifferent?