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I have decided to finally do a video where you can ask me anything!

There are often questions that get repeated on various posts, and this may be an easier way to have most of them answered and in one place.

Now, I don’t want to have to issue any sort of rules or guidelines, but use your best judgement and maybe think about questions you’d want people to ask you.

I’ve never done this before, and I’m a little nervous hehe. But I hope that you’ll enjoy it!

ask me anything

Leave your questions below or on FB, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and I’ll try to get through as many as I can!

My plan is to post the video by Friday night. Wohoo!

Jul 212014

I’m all about relaxing and not getting too uptight when it comes to getting dressed and going out.

With kids, it’s even more difficult to get all the glitz and glam together.

Although, as my girls get older, I’m trying to dedicate more time to becoming more presentable when I exit the apartment. It’s so hard to let go of the sweatpants, because it’s nice to give the illusion that I’m working out, when in reality I’m enjoying the elastic waist! haha.

Here is a quick outfit I put together the other night as I went out for iftar with my family:

Ramadan Hijab Style 2014


Ramadan Hijab style 2014

Outfit deets:

Top: Zeena

Scarf: Aab UK

Linen Pants: JC Penney (randomly found them on sale and in a nice short size just for my height lol)

Shoes: Cole Haan.


A friend of ours shared this video on Facebook and we fell in love with it.

What a wonderful uplifting song celebrating Ramadan!

You can watch it below:

What do you think? We love seeing Muslims being creative all over the world!


Colbie Caillat recently released a new music video that has a really great message for women everywhere.

You can watch the video below:

She also was recently features in an interview with Elle. You can read it here:


What are your thoughts? Is she right?

Jul 102014

I bought this dress from Old Navy earlier this year and it has taken me AGES to finally wear it.

Why, you ask? Well because I couldn’t find the right white pants to wear under it!

And then a few weeks ago, I happened upon some nice white pants that were a mixture between jeans and slacks. They didn’t bunch up and looked good underneath.

Because, if there is one thing that bugs me, it’s big buttons and zippers that pooch out in front and then if you put a long shirt on top it’s a big bump underneath.

Clearly I think about this stuff in detail.

So here I am, in all my shorty glory.

I may hem the top a little so it’s not so long, but I do kind of like the way it looks even though it brings me down in height lol.


dress as long shirt hijab style dress as long shirt hijab style dress as long shirt hijab style

This last picture is me trying to be silly, I can never be too serious for the camera.

Not a fan of the angle because it makes me look like I’m wearing tights for some reason haha.


Jersey scarf from Hijabtrendz
Pants from The Limited
Shoes from Cole Haan
Long sleeve T from Target
Dress from Old Navy

Do you do the dress as a shirt trick?

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