Oct 182014

hijabtrendz review

Awhile back I posted how I was on the search for products that didn’t contain harsh chemicals.

My youngest seemed to have developed some reactions on her face and I wanted to figure out what was causing it.

I went on a major spending spree buying toothpaste and hair care and lotion to try my best to alleviate her symptoms.

In the process…I ended up finding something for myself that I absolutely love.

Soap from Simply Birgit.



I’ve always used face washes, but now I use this soap and I have to say the smell and clean feeling afterward are pretty amazing.

This is my personal review and may not be someone else’s cup of tea…and the price tag is a little steep at $8.00 a bar.

So, not it’s your turn…

What is your favorite skin care cleanser?

Oct 152014

I’ve written about this trick before, so let this be a friendly reminder… maternity tops are your friend, even if you’re not preggo.

Yep, you read that correctly!

Shop in the maternity section for a great selection of tops that look good and aren’t hugging you in all the wrong places.

Here is what I recently came across at Target:

maternity blouses for non preggers maternity blouses for non preggers

Now, the key is to try the tops on. Don’t assume because it looks nice it will actually fit.

I tried on a few and was mortified by how they made me look extra pudgy.

But, when it came to the blouse it was a nice cut and I knew I would have to get it in different colors.  And as I looked to find pictures online, I saw they come in more colors than they had at my local store… uh oh hold me back I may have to order them!

Pictures of me in the tops to come soon I promise, it looks totally different when there is no baby bump :)

Overall Target seems to have the most universally flattering maternity fashion I’ve come across…or maybe I shop there too much! lol.

If you use this trick, where are your favorite spots to snag great items?

Oct 082014

When we were in Detroit over Labor Day weekend, we had the pleasure of getting our photos taken by the great duo Ayyub and Antar Hanif.

They are the brains behind a new online lifestyle magazine for men and women called “Elegant Cloth”.

Antar Hanif is the acclaimed celebrity photog also known as “I Am Shooter”.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the shoot… I love that we got to act silly, because as a family we’re always looking for the silver lining in everything. No use in being serious and stuffy all the time! hehe. And I think this may be a Hijabtrendz exclusive… no one has ever seen a pic of Mr. Hijabtrendz on here have they?

Hijabtrendz junior and Hijabtrendz mini found a new calling… they love the camera even more than I thought!

Elegant Cloth photoshoot



We’re trying to see if we can get Elegant Cloth to come to Chicago over Christmas break to take photos of Hijabtrendz fans.

What do you think? Will you be in town?

Oh and before I forget.. a belated Eid Mubarak from the Hijabtrendz family to you and your family!